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Capcom Almost Made ‘Resident Evil’ Amiibos for ‘Revelations’

PostedDecember 3, 11:20 AM 296 Test

Capcom Almost Made "Resident Evil' Amiibos for "Revelations'

Some people are nuts about Nintendo's Amiibo figures. I don't see the big deal about them, honestly. True, they're sculpted and painted nicely, and it's neat how they can be used to unlock stuff in games for Nintendo's consoles. And I guess they look neat on the shelf. But you know what would be really neat? Amiibos from Resident Evil. And according to a recent interview, we almost got them.

According to a NintendoEverything article, in an interview with Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, Capcom's Ryota Niitsuma revealed that they almost went ahead with Amiibos for their recent ports of the Resident Evil: Revelations for the Switch. Surprisingly, the characters for the Amiibos were not going to be Chris and Jill, but rather HUNK and Lady HUNK, as they're both part of the Raid Mode in Revelations.

So what happened? Niitsuma stated that the team got as far as creating the 3D models for the Amiibos, but “various circumstances” caused Capcom to scrap the idea. However, Revelations director Koushi Nakanishi did indicate that he's still interested in the idea, so maybe it's something that could be picked up again in the future.

Interestingly enough, Niitsuma did mention that Revelations does have Amiibo support, where you can obtain ammo or points once per day by scanning your Amiibos. However, if you have a Capcom-based character Amiibo, you're rewarded with something better. The article doesn't mention what that “something” will be, so if you have a Mega Man Amiibo lying around, try scanning it.