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Check Out This Unused ‘Bloodborne’ Content!

PostedDecember 3, 12:10 PM 341 Test

Check Out This Unused "Bloodborne' Content!

While we wait for the announcement of Bloodborne 2 (because come on, you know it's going to happen), a YouTuber has found some interesting goodies buried in the original game's files.

The YouTuber known as Sanadsk, who specializes in uncovering hidden/unused content in the Dark Souls series, recently found some unused monsters for Bloodborne, as well as an NPC. As detailed in the video below, Sanadsk contacted a user that had managed to obtain the files extracted from the game itself, and Sanadsk was eventually able to put together a reel of these models using Marmoset Toolbag 3. According to Sanadsk, the player most likely would've encountered the scholar NPC in Byrgenwerth.

Since I'm a sucker for stuff like this, if you're ever interested in other games that have cut/unused content buried within them, you can check out The Cutting Room Floor. They're a wiki that specializes in cataloguing games both past and present that have bits and pieces left in them from developers (including Bloodborne).