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David Slade Directs the Black and White “Black Mirror” Episode, “Metalhead” [Trailer]

PostedDecember 3, 11:15 AM 240 Test

David Slade Directs the Black and White “Black Mirror” Episode, “Metalhead” [Trailer]

Netflix's “Black Mirror” will feature a fully black and white episode when it returns to the streaming service later this month.

In “Metalhead”, a woman (Maxine Peake; The Theory Of Everything, The Village) comes across a “dog” and apparently has another problematic run-in with other humans. It's unclear what's the concept behind this episode, but it carries a Mad Max vibe and looks to pit woman versus animal and man.Jake Davies (The Missing, A Brilliant Young Mind) and Clint Dyer (Hope Springs) also star.

The episode was directed by Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night"sDavid Slade, who is also behind episodes of “Hannibal” and “American Gods”.

"Black Mirror" is an anthology series that taps into our collective unease with the modern world, with each stand-alone episode a sharp, suspenseful tale exploring themes of contemporary techno-paranoia. Without questioning it, technology has transformed all aspects of our lives; in every home; on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen; a monitor; a Smartphone - a Black Mirror reflecting our 21st Century existence back at us.