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PostedOctober 6, 2:05 PM 67 Test

Night of the Living Dead 4K Restoration Trailer Rises From the Dead

Posted on October 6, 2017 by Jonathan Barkan

The trailer for Janus Films’ 4K restoration of the zombie classic Night of the Living Dead is here and MAN does it look good! For a movie I’ve seen countless times, I have to say that it may fall into that “See it like never before” category of restorations. There’s a crispness that I haven’t seen with the film and it truly does look gorgeous.

The Museum of Modern Art and the Film Foundation is behind this release and they worked with George A. Romero up until his death to make this restoration a reality. The premiere of this cut will be at the Film Forum cinema in New York on October 13th (tickets here).

Originally released in 1968, Romero’s classic film invented the modern zombie and became the foundation for countless other horror films to come. It remains one of the most terrifying and important releases in film history.